It’s smiles all round in Betoota Ponds as intermittent couple Toby Walsh (32) and Fiona Franklin (34) are back on again. 

The news has received critical acclaim from the couple’s friends and co-workers who are really looking forward to the next juicy fallout from the pair that are now basically an overdrawn, live-action Jerry Springer episode.

Perhaps the only party not excited about the Franklin/Walsh reunion is Toby’s vintage car which is likely not to get touched for a while now Fiona is back in the picture.

“Both my girls are here! I just got to do the paint,” stated Walsh.

“And the sanding. And bodywork. New exhaust. Dashboard. Most of the engine. And rego. Actually Fiona could probably help me with that, she’s great at filling out forms.”

Despite Walsh’s best-laid plans, it is clear to all watching that his vintage Valiant will remain in the garage as forgotten as the couple wished past infidelities could be.


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