Over a few casual beers this afternoon, Vietnamese mate Martin Vo has accidentally revealed that he used to spend most Thursday’s nights in the Maccas car park with his cousins from Betoota’s Flight Path District.

After a conversation about the latest Fast and the Furious movie turned into a debate, Martin revealed his close involvement in the underground street racing subculture while arguing about how unrealistic the entire movie franchise his.

“Mate, fast cars don’t look like they do in the movies” he said.

“It’s usually the sleepers* that you wanna watch out for. If you’re racing that is. No one is just going to show off how fast their car is by leaving their fucking bonnet open”

As the entire circle turns their attention to Martin, he quickly realises he’s said too much.

“I mean, from what I’ve heard..”

After being forced to explain just what the fuck a ‘sleeper’ is, Martin is now treading water as his non-Vietnamese mates begin probing into just what else he knows.

“Look I’ve only gone down to Maccanats a few times. And that was ages ago” he says.

The rest of Martin’s afternoon is spent avoiding his mates requests to take them down there some time.

*  a SLEEPER  is a car that has high performance and an unassuming exterior. Sleeper cars are so called because their exterior looks similar or identical to a standard or economy-class car. In some cases the car appears worse due to seeming neglect on the owner’s part.


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