With plenty around the nation currently obsessing over a young English man named Fred, it can be confirmed that one local woman isn’t buying the hype.

64-year-old small business owner Cheryl Berrigan revealed to The Advocate that she is not at all impressed with the man her daughters are idolising right now.

“Fred Again? More like Fred backspace and type again,” said the 110-120 words per minute typist.

“That T-rex typing technique gave me chills,” laughed the Betoota Heights matriarch a short time ago.

The terrible typer in question is British DJ Fred Again who has seemingly exploded on the radio waves and social media over the last few months – with young people all around the country dreaming of attending one of his shows.

Two of those people are Cheryl’s daughters, who after coming across videos of his Boiler Room set two months ago are now the biggest diehards in the country.

“Goodness me, they were running around like headless chooks trying to find out where this button pusher is playing a secret show,” laughed Cheryl.

“Give me that keyboard thing he’s got and I’ll send the kids into a frenzy, let me tell ya.”

“He’s just t-rex typing like an old man, wait till an actual professional gets in there and lets rip.”

“Put me in the Boiler Room, I’d be the only one who knows how a boiler room actually operates too,” she laughed.

More to come.


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