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Danny Jogmann opened the Tungen Min Røvhul cafe in Betoota’s Old City district last summer and since then, the Danish-inspired eatery has become a local institution among the city’s cultural elite.

Offering traditional Danish foodstuffs like beer, chocolate, cigarettes and beer, Jogmann says business is booming – but that doesn’t mean he’s got any time to relax.

The 39-year-old spoke to The Advocate just a short time ago to share with our reporters his daily routine.

“We sell a lot of almond milk based coffees, probably more than any other cafe in town,” he said.

“That means I’m up by 4am each morning to milk the almond trees. I head out on the four-wheeler and bring the trees in from pasture, sharpen the scoring knife and flank spay the tree,”

“It’s a filthy job but I’d do anything for my customers.”

Many of the woolly-haired man’s customers appreciate the extra effort he goes to each morning, saying that they only get their almond-milk coffees from the Røvhul.

Known in the local cafe community as ‘Røvhuls’, Mr Jogmann’s loyal customers have garnered a cult following themselves.

They’re the cream of the cultural crop and often act like they’re above a lot of people.

Just last month, a Røvhul was struck in the head by a full can of Emu Export thrown from a passing vehicle as he out the front of the cafe.

While he made a full recovery, the man is said to be a bit different after the whole experience after having his brain plug ripped out of the wall by an angry motorist.

More to come.


  1. Personally I would not have wasted a full can of Bush Chook on him even though they make it in South Australia now and truck it to WA……


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