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A South Betoota meat worker has taken time out of his busy afternoon of talking shit on Facebook and spitting in public to speak about his evening plans and what other types of mischief he’s going to get up to tonight.

Deverell Slacks, 19, told The Advocate that he’s saved up all week to fill up his late model Toyota Hilux with enough E10 to drive him and his two closest mates around Betoota’s Old City district until the sun comes up.

“It’s not called a ‘Hilux’ you dumb cunt,” said Slacks.

“It’s a LowLux, brus. Anyway its gonna be sick tonight.

Dev smiles as he showcases the invigorating sound that echo’s out of his Lowlux when he pulls it to the top of 3rd gear while fanging around the intersection near the KFC.

“Popping it back into neutral and giving her some. Pull up for a feed maybe. Shit’s going to be cash” he says.

“Oi watch this” he says, before yanking the handbrake on the roundabout and sending her sideways through the off-ramp to the railway bridge.

Last week Dev also discovered that if he pops the hood a little bit when doing smoke shows, it increases the air intake and actually maximises his engines acoustics.

“It’s fucking sick” he says.

“You should see the new fuck off cannon I got put on. I’ll show you when we pull up”

“Fuck it’s loud haha”

More to come.



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