Brisbane has been left alone in the muggy cold as Taylor Swift has confirmed that Brisbane is not actually part of the world.

Taylor Swift is one of the biggest solo music acts in the world right now and attracts fans from all walks of life which is why they are always the most chill and gracious people who can always take a joke.

Recently Taylor Swift has announced her Eras world tour, with ‘world’ meaning North America, Western Europe, Japan, Australia, and Brazil, the latter presumably due to demand via YouTube comments.

However, not included in that number is everyone’s favourite mosquito life-life, Brisbane, who according to Taylor Swift is not part of the world.

“But the astronauts could see us from space,” stated teary Swifty and Brown Snake local Shayna Buzzpoor.

“How could they do that? Treating us like we’re fucking Darwin!” 

“Or Hobart.”

“I get it, she’s a massive deal and she has to perform at hundreds of cities around the world, but come on.”

“Surely Brissy could have got a start,” sighed the young woman who is already booking flights to Sydney.

More to come.


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