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It’s a glorious afternoon in our great south-west and two of the town’s most polite and happy-go-lucky youngsters are keen to murder a few local schooners this afternoon as the soft atumn sunlight warms their shoulders.

Though it’s not the first time Lindsay Cappoo and Digby ‘Gorilla Tits’ Frost have been seen looking for victims of a Sunday afternoon and it certainly won’t be the last.

But this afternoon has an air of mischief in it – one seldom felt unless all their drinking planets have aligned.

Lindsay spoke to The Advocate via mobile phone as he drove to pick up his friend.

“When the clock strikes 2pm, I’ll be heading over to pick up Digby and then we’ll head out and try find some innocent beers to kill,” said Cappoo, a marginally employed party bus pilot.

“Then once we found a few, we’ll get on the group chat and beckon the boys to come and enjoy the kill with us. Catch up over a few bodies! [laughs] Seriously, but. I’m thirsty for a few fucking beers! I could murder a couple I reckon!”

Digby was also in high spirits when he spoke to our reporter, saying that it’s a great afternoon to have a couple of cold Betoota Bitters in a nondescript beer garden with friends.

“You don’t need to ask me twice,” he said.

More to come.


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