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A year-long study into the most effective way to make adult children revisit the nest has concluded this afternoon and the results are quite telling.

That’s according to the Betoota Chapter President of the Country Women’s Association, who told The Advocate this afternoon that the promise of a home-cooked meal and some couch time is often just enough to lure busy 20-something kids back to home.

Tracey Lucijet has been at the helm of the local CWA team for close to a decade and shared the study’s findings with our reporter this afternoon.

“Telephoning your kids on a Saturday morning is often best before they go out to the pubs and clubs. You say there’s a lamb pot roast on for Sunday night and it’d be great if they could make it. That’s where you leave it,” she said.

“By the time Sunday evening rolls around, they’re typically so broke and defeated that the idea of having a roast dinner for free at home seems irresistible,”

“Of course this only works if your children still live in this bustling inland port. For those with children far away, I feel for you as well.”

The CWA’s findings have been confirmed and recommended by Australia’s peak scientific body, the CSIRO, who said to The Advocate a short time ago that Mum’s roast dinner can often cure a number of ailments.

Products such as lamb, beef and turkey are high in essential vitamins, iron and minerals, which the CSIRO say is helpful in replenishing the body after a night on the tiles.

“There’s not much better for the brain after an evening in a dark, sweaty room with loud music than a big slice of meat and vegetables,” they said.

“Coupled with the social and mental benefits of seeming your parents, science hasn’t yet caught up with nature on this one,”

“So yes, the advice we can give to young people on this is that if Mum is offering you a spot at the dinner table on Sunday night, you take that spot and say thank you.”

More to come.


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