A regional dad has today been spotted with a wallet that is falling apart so badly, you’d think it was fifty years old.

Steve Phillips [53] had received the wallet only a year earlier but it’d likely broken down at a rapid rate as it was handled with sweaty, oil-coated fingers every day.

Despite having bits of threads sticking out from every corner and being multiple hues of brown, the wallet appears to still be functional.

Well except for the tiny hole in the cash department.

It’s alleged that Steve had stoutly refused to buy himself another one, though this was likely because he knew he’d receive one for his next birthday, along with a bottle of Glen Fiddich.

After several years and several wallets later, you’d think his family might consider paying more than $50 for a wallet, or purchase one made of genuine leather and not from the Myer’s bargain bin.

More to come. 


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