When it comes to bragging, local bloke Lewis Gurr (26) has got a few different yarns he can trot out.

For one, he was listed as in the possible and probables for the under 16’s state Aussie rules side in 2006.

That, and the fact that he once met Ryan Moloney (Toadie from Neighbours) at the Carindale Westfield Boost Juice kiosk.

He also had a great uncle play for the Rabbitohs.

But there’s one bragging right that stands above the rest. Lewie has never once encountered a cafe breakfast that he couldn’t finish.

“It’s almost a ritual now. I don’t care how much it costs, if there’s a big brekkie listed on the menu. I have to have it” he says.

“Sometimes I order extra beans”

Lewie admits that when it comes to eating $34 dollars worth of red meat and carbohydrates, he does tend to perform better if he’s familiar with the venue, and nursing a hangover.

But he’s still undefeated.

“I’m not saying its been easy. I almost always get the meat sweats”

“My best day is usually Sundays. Not only is it a good way of recharging yourself for the week ahead, but it’s a great way to impress a lady friend… If I’ve been lucky enought to have a sleepover the night before”

Local woman, Jahleighya (22) says she was astounded to see Lewis’ performance with the knife and fork, after a one-night-stand last weekend.

“He blew me away. The way he inhaled those caramelised mushrooms. He’s such a dark horse”

“He was just gulping down at least 500g of fried bacon like a pelican… It was quite impressive”

With a new cafe opening up down the road, Lewy says he wishes good luck to any small business trying to make a crust in his local area, but he’ll be the judge of whether or not their brekkie is really that big.



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