Enjoying a BBQ and a Black Mojito in his modest 4 bedroom double garage project home, a local Betoota Heights man is playing the hits today, it can be confirmed. 

Alby Mathewson, the relatively well off and moderately popular plumber from our town’s aspirational district has done so by rolling out one of the classics. 

Not some Daft Punk, or Bruce Springstein or even a bit of the Stones, but by treating his mates to one of the all time jokes – the fabled ‘release the Kraken gig.’ 

Known amongst his friendship circle as his ‘go to choice of spiced rum’ Mathewson always likes to serve up his Kraken with a little pun. 

“Time to release the Kraken aye fellas,” laughs Mathewson while reaching into the fridge. 

“Never gets old,” chimed one of his mates in reference to a sea-monster related pun. 

“Haha, yeah might Krak me one of these aye,” continued the wordsmith while opening the can of Kraken Black Mojito. 

With his mates rinsing him for the 100th repetition of the tried and tested joke, Mathewson then faced a few questions about his new drink preference. 

More specifically why, as a burly far western Queensland tradesman he was drinking a cocktail.

“It’s 2022 you blokes,” he spits, something which earned the nods of his mates. 

“Grow up and get with the times.” 

With a few laughs and a call to turn it up, Mathewson then decided to actually answer the question. 

“To be fair, I actually never saw myself as a cocktail guy to be honest with you, but I rate it when it comes in a can,” he laughed.

“Oath, nothing wrong with a cocktail you fellas,” laughed his mate, enjoying his first foray into the canned cocktail world. 

“Beth doesn’t mind it either,” said Mathewson in reference to his girlfriend. 

“Besides, it’s much easier on the rig if you know what I mean,” he continued, slapping his goon sack of a belly. 

When finally asked whether he would persist with his joke every time he got a can from the fridge or esky, Mathewson said – yes, he probably would. 

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

More to come. 


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