Michael Kelsen, 27, has been left kicking himself after forgetting to sign the card for a co-worker’s birthday gift which he contributed to.

An email was sent around Kelsen’s North Betoota property management office about the birthday gift being organised for one of his more senior co-worker’s 40th birthday.

After he read that it was a voluntary contribution, Kelsen thought long and hard about whether or not he could get away with not putting any money in. He soon came to the realisation that there would be a card full of names of the people who paid, so he decided it was in his best interest to donate.

“I put in $15 to be safe. It’s the most I’ve ever put in for a gift but the blokes one of the top dogs around here. I thought if I wanted a pay rise anytime soon, it’d be worth being out of pocket for.”

It wasn’t until the following Friday evening, when speeches were given and the gift was presented, that Kelsen realised he didn’t sign the card.

“It was sitting on my desk for a while but I was caught up finishing a proposal. Someone must’ve come and nicked it off my desk. I just forgot about it after that.”

“Now no one will even know I put in. What a fucking waste.”


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