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A local young professional has declined an offer this morning to hold her friend’s new baby, according to witnesses.

Amy Fastman, a French Quarter commercial real estate specialist, went to a brunch this morning in town with friends and their growing families – all the while Amy barely able to feed and clothe herself.

She joined our reporter out the front of Cafe Du Pisse Dans Ma Poche in the Old City District for some fresh air before heading inside.

“I had to get the bus because I don’t get paid until Tuesday,” said the 27-year-old.

“And I got home at like 4 last night. To be real with you, don’t tell the others, but I would’ve rather just stayed in bed and watched the Winter Olympics all day. But I said I’d go and you’re only worth as much as your word,”

“So here I am.”

Amy then told The Advocate that her friend Marcia and her on-and-off-again husband, Glenn, had recently had a baby and were trying to get people to hold it.

While many obliged the new parents and spent a few minutes with little Shoehorn, Amy was one of the few who politely declined the experience.

“I’m not ready, mentally, to hold a child,” she said.

“And I know why they’re doing it. If you’re sick of holding the kid, leave it out the front of a fire station and run away into the night. Plus, they named their first son ‘Shoehorn’ – as in the thing old people need to get in and out of their church shoes,”

“Maybe next year.”

More to come.




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