The extremely loud blaring of Fleetwood Mac coming from the family living room has confirmed that mum and dad have been tipping a few reds.

Voted arguably the greatest album of all time, according to not just dad, Rumours by Fleetwood Mac has seen already seen a couple rotations this afternoon on the family entertainment system – Mum is now trying to remember the lyrics of the song that she likes from their other good album.

The half eaten plate of cheese and crackers in the kitchen also gives weight to the theory that mum and dad have decided to let everyone fend for themselves and grog on.

Professor Ken Nagas from the CSIRO has confirmed that mid-to-late afternoon sessions of Fleetwood is a deadset, full-proof sign that mum and dad have been pissing up.

“When it comes to mum and dad letting the air into a few bottles of shiraz and its connection with arvo Fleetwood sesh’s – it’s one of the most disreputable anthropological findings of this century” he says.

“Unless, of course, your Dad has remarried a younger woman – then it’s usually something like David Guetta”

“Remarried mums are also partial to a bit Beyonce – providing they have daughters that have filled them in on sexy contemporary feminism”

However, with the sun setting and the volume of Fleetwood only getting louder – Mum has suggested you call up the Thai place that they like and order that food they like.


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