Brett Walker is blushing today, after being savagely lit up by a group of his mates.  

The Betoota Heights man has faced the wrath of his friends after showing up in a fresh new Politix spring suit.  

Upholding the popular Australian tradition of rinsing the people in your life you hold dear, Brett’s mates have decided to give him a bit of lashing for looking his best.  

“Righto big fella, didn’t know we ordered tickets to the gun show,” laughed one of Brett’s school friends, grabbing at one of his biceps.  

“You got a licence for those guns mate,” chimed in another, jumping on the opportunity to embarrass a mate by overly complimenting him.  

The barrage of positive appraisal comes after Walker decided to show up to a mate’s wedding in a brand spanking new suit – that actually fits him for once.  

Famous for donning loose or poorly fitting bags of fruit, Walker had apparently decided to get his act together and purchase something from Politix that actually fits his body shape.  

“It is the ultimate fit,” laughed another mate.  

Following another 5-10 minutes of sporadic sledges about his post breakup figure, Walker revealed to The Advocate that he’s quietly enjoying the attention.  

“Always nice to get a compliment,” laughed Walker.  

“I thought the bloke at Politix might have just been turning the salesmen thing up about the fit, but the boys are getting around me.”  

“Look good, feel good aye.”  


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