19 September, 2016 17:35


Tonight will mark the first time that local panel beater, Tony Manakis (48) hasn’t watched the ABC since they had sole broadcasting rights for international test cricket.

He says he doesn’t know too much about this Q&A shit, but if he was ever going to watch something on the public broadcaster again in his life, tonight will be the night.

“Barnesy never does stuff on TV anymore, but I heard at work that he’s going to be on with that bowl cut bird from Kath & Kim”

As Tony points out, Australian entertainers Jimmy Barnes and Magda Szubanski will be appearing on the Q&A panel this evening, but unbeknownst to the die-hard Chisel fan, it’s not very likely that either of them will be singing anything.

Q&A is an Australian television panel discussion program, broadcast on ABC hosted by news journalist Tony Jones. The show usually broadcasts on Monday nights at 9:35. Tonight’s episode has been organised in an attempt to win over our nation’s growing population of political imbeciles.

It is believed that Q&A‘s twitter account has gone down briefly, after an overload of requests for some fuckin’ Khe Sanh came from people like Mr Manakis.

“He better play some fuckin’ Khe Sanh” says Tony.

“I’ve already started tweeting the blokes at the ABC. I usually only use social media when the missus wants me to rinse those morons on MasterChef,”

“Play some of your old stuff Barnesy for fuck’s sake”

“Politics is fuckin’ boring he says, as a life long fan of Cold Chisel’s pub rock anthems, popular for their deep political conversations about Australian masculinity and working class ideals.

“Play some Flame Trees fuck ya”




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