Local funds manager Hugo Dalton-Greeve would never concede that he’s privileged, but he will admit that he’s got more coin than most of his mates.

Growing up in the leafy streets of Betoota Grove, the former house prefect of St Peter’s Boys College is lucky enough to have lived his 28 years on planet earth without a financial care in the world.

The type of guy that grew up in a household that had an Austar subscription, Hugo’s life mountains above the poverty line has meant he’s been able to get a finance degree without being tethered to a HECs bill, and has been able to live in the granny flat attached to his parents six bedroom house on Lakeview Terrace.

But this afternoon The Advocate understands Hugo decided he’d generously share some of his wealth around after being invited to a casual gatho with some mates he travelled around Croatia with.

Rocking up to the backyard party clutching a six-pack of stone and wood, a bottle of pinot noir and two different flavours of Red Rock Deli chips, witnesses say Hugo carried on like a proper pork chop by making sure everyone knew he was the one splashing big cash in the form of some bags of deli style chips.

“Hey guys, where do you want me to put these?” he asked stupidly, as he stood over a table littered with an array of dips and some bowls of corn chips.

“Just here??”

Receiving a disinterested nod from his pseudo-friends drinking Seltzers around an outdoor table, Hugo doubled down to make sure everyone within earshot knew that he must’ve splashed close to $11 for two bags of fancy chips. 

“Which ones should we open first, the Aged Chedder or the Lime and Black Pepper ones?”

“Or should we wait til we finish off these Twisties, who bought them, that’s so funny!”

More to come.


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