65 year old Italian immigrant Chris Marchese was left seething at the local real estate agent yesterday afternoon, after the salesman “refused to come to the party.”

The Betoota Real estate agent Ben Hunt, 30, looked flabbergasted when the prospective home buyer asked for 10 percent off the price of a home if he paid in cash.

“Ahhhh mate, that’s not really how it works. I can’t just chop 10 percent off the price, and you can’t buy this place with cash,” he explained to Marchese.

“Yes you can. I pay cash,” said Marchese standing out the front of one of the homes in the new Betoota estate.

Marchese said that he tried to explain to this young “bloody idiot” that it works better for everyone if he pays cash.

“Brother, if I pay cash, you save money, I save money, everyone saves money. Otherwise we are just donating our hard earned to the government, you understand huh?” he said to Hunt.

The builder from Sydney told the Advocate that the whole economy is “fucked” now, and that he had to reluctantly sign up for a bank account a few years ago.

Marchese’s son Louis said that his dad tries to negotiate the 10 percent cash discount everywhere he goes.

“The local green grocer, the hardware shop, fuck me, he actually loves the Good Guys,” he said.


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