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Regaling his close friends, at their request, for the fourth time this year about an ‘epic’ boat cruise he went one time in Greece, Glenn Gleitzman was just putting the icing on his popular yarn when another friend quickly took the opportunity to jump in.

“That’s crazy, bro,” said Murray Willis, a prospective fringe member of the mildly exclusive circle of friends.

“Reminds me of the time when I went to Croatia Boat Week in like 2011 and we did all the things you did in your story but just better and to a greater extent,”

“If I actually listened to your story instead of barely keeping it together waiting for my turn to speak, maybe I’d understand that what I’m doing is really rubbing the cat against the grain. Maybe one day when the music stops when we all get married and have kids and I’m the only bloke left without a chair, I’ll realise this. Maybe.”

Echoing his insecurities was Glenn himself, who spoke candidly to The Advocate about why he and his close friends put up with Murray when all he seems to do is one-up your best yarns.

While he tried his best to articulate exactly why they haven’t abandoned the old group chat Murray’s in with them for a new one, rather than just booting him out, Gleitzman said the answer is simple.

“Murray is a strange fish,” confirmed Glenn.

“He’s full of good stories and tales of how all these make-believe people shower him with constant praise. Whatever, the guy’s harmless I don’t really care if he likes telling wonky yarns, power to him,”

“But I don’t know where he gets his gears from. My oh my, does Murray source some quality gear. I can’t work out where he gets it, but he’s always on and he’s never let us down. He’s by far the most popular person in the group. Easily.”

More to come.


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