The rapid technological advancements of Australia’s internet illiterates continues today, as one local dad appears to have stumbled across YouTube.

Betoota Heights man, Todd Hogg (55) hasn’t spent much time on his arse over the last couple decades, but the current coronavirus pandemic means he must now find a way to occupy himself outside of work, sport and ‘going for a drive’.

After being told to put his auctioneering business into hibernation by the Prime Minister late last week – Todd has only been able to mow the front lawn three times before the dirt started to show.

After going as far as pouring the grass clippings into the pool to give himself something to fish out, the family unanimously decided it might be time to plonk dad on the couch and give him the iPad.

In the 48 hours that have followed, Todd has registered himself for over 50 different online logins – as he continues to discover the many different entertaining corners of the internet.

At 2pm this afternoon, Todd was spotted with his jaw open, after learning that there is a free website that lets him stream his favourite scenes from Seinfeld at the drop of a hat.

“Oi come check this out” he tells his teenage children, who literally can’t remember a time when YouTube didn’t exist.

“Anything you want”

While his TikTok-savy son Braden’s eyes light up at the now very real possibility of being able to introduce his dad to the glorious world of memes – he recognises it is probably better to start with baby steps.

“Yeah” says Braden.

“You can look up any Origin highlight you want as well”

Todd is in disbelief.

“Bullshit” he says.

“No bullshit” says his 16-year-old.

“Watch this”

At time of press, both men were reliving the glorious Queensland eight-in-a-row streak, try by try.

It is not yet known if Todd realises that he can also look up every single live performance of Pearl Jam that has ever existed, but his wife is just happy he’s no longer bugging her to go to the park and discreetly drink alcohol while pretending to exercise.



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