With just two days until the official start of the Australian Summer, the glorious blooms of Spring are starting to wrap up.

The sun is about to start beating down, and the trees are reaching their most striking green form.

This means it’s all over for the warmer flowers that appear after the winter frost,

With more than enough storms over the year to avoid another black summer of bushfires, the foliage in Australia’s green spaces and roadsides are at their very zenith.

However, due to this unseasonal rainfall, Australia has experienced a belated jacaranda season this year.

This means that the end of the purple flowers times bang on with the start of the silly season. A very dangerous predicament for anyone walking around the city streets half-pissed.

As of this week, the jacaranda trees of Eastern Australia are now transforming from iconic purple floral landmarks, into the slippery footpath sludge of decomposing flowers.

Car owners are also reporting ‘squashed bug-like’ smudges across their roofs and windshields – while cyclists are on the lookout for purple-brown sediment on any tight corners.

However, the possibility of coming unstuck after a few schooners in leather sole shoes is the number one concern for citizens of jacaranda-heavy suburbs around the country.

Australians are being urged to show extra caution when walking down steep footpaths near pubs and bars this December – as the once majestic purple flowers becomes a dangerous wet muck.


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