A man who can’t remember his last name has found salvation this morning, as he resurrects himself from an insufferable hangover.

After getting a little carried away at a 32nd birthday event, in which he single handedly put away an entire bottle of Stones Green Ginger Wine as an entree, The Advocate understands local insurance broker Mark Clayton found himself trudging the streets of downtown Betoota in search of a Bacon and Egg roll and some caffeine.

Usually one to revive himself from the excruciating hues of a hangover with a drive-thu visit to the Golden Arches, Mark was instead forced to aimlessly wander the streets after failing to make it home, because he slept on the fold out couch in a random sharehouse that kindly hosted kick-ons.

However after getting a whiff of the faint wafts of breakfast trailing from the steps of BONA, Betoota’s Old and New Art Gallery, Mark was reminded of the cute gift shop cafe that is connected to the arts precinct and decided to venture inside.

Strolling in like a confused toddler void of parental supervision, Mark softly asked wait staff for a bacon and egg roll and a large iced long black, with extra ice.

Impressed by the quick and curt service of a blue-haired maître d’ wearing a flowing caftan, Mark was thrilled to see the arrival of several strips of greasy bacon and two fried eggs, stuffed into the soft, comforting embrace of a warm Turkish roll.

Gift wrapped in brown pape bowed in hessian twine, and topped off with a thoughtful rosemary decoration, Mark had the energy to raise one eyebrow, such was his level of delight.

“Yeah wow, thank you…” stuttered Mark.

Glancing around at the cafe filled with bright eyed art connoisseurs, fresh faced and ready to stare at some local sculptures, Mark briefly pondered what weekends must be like for those who don’t get plastered every Saturday.

“Maybe I should come here more often..” he mumbled, taking the first bite.


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