An impromptu comedy show took place at Betoota Heights High School this week when standard English teacher Mr McKendrick suggested his year 10 students get a head start on their year 11 prescribed texts over the holidays.

Trying to prepare his students for the various films, novels and poems 1% of them will have to interpret in their future careers, Mr McKendrick thought he’d cement his status as the cool teacher by offering some down-to-Earth advice.

“If you read Nineteen Eighty-Four over the holidays, you’ll have a better sched next year,” stated the teacher, unaware of his student’s obsessive hunger for instant gratification.

The laughter from the class soon turned into a standing ovation when Mr McKendrick suggested they ask their parents for the texts for Christmas in order to get a head start on the books they would be lent for free when they actually have to read them.

“It’s actually a good book guys, still relevant today, don’t @ me.”

Following this comment, McKendrick’s heartily laughing class left the classroom, despite the fact there was 20 more minutes of class remaining and he hadn’t told them they could go yet.


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