A counter employee at the South Betoota Grill’d burger franchise has broken a personal record this afternoon by saying ‘buddy’ seven times in the space of fifteen minutes.

Abbie Locke (19) blew away her equally chirpy coworkers by just going for it, and rattling out as many buddies as possible.

That annoying upbeat and positive attitude comes despite the fact they have been ripped off and have had their wages stolen.

This comes after a report the company has some bullshit ‘traineeship policy’ which they use to justify paying well below the award rate.

Grill’d patron, Matt Puccinelli says the first word that Abbie said to him was ‘Buddy’.

“Buddy. How are you today? What’re you chasing, buddy?” she said.

Matt says he was startled.

“I kind always expect a rush of personality when I go to one of these joints” he said.

“But two buddies, back-to-back. I thought she’d at least mix it up and call me champ… or pal… But nah, I copped two of them”

“Fuck me she was a keen bean”

“Weird from someone whose being ripped off.”

While listing the different sauces and two types of bun available, Matt says he was treated to another three buddies before even handing over his card.

“I honestly thought that was the end of it” he said, clearly traumatised.

“I put away my burger in silence, at the front of the restaurant and tried to creep away in silence, but she caught me”

“How was that buddy? Have a good one buddy” she shouted from the kitchen.

Matt says he picked up a light jog and headed back to his office.


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