A married father-of-two has been praised by his local community for not skipping town and absolving himself of all lifelong responsibilities that come with starting a family.

Betoota Heights man, Pete ‘Basso’ Bassingthwaite has a 9-year-old son and a 7-year-old daughter – and so far, he hasn’t ever let them go hungry or cold.

His commitment to his children – and to a lesser extent, his wife – has resulted in him being labelled a ‘family man’ by his work colleagues and mates.

Even his own mother recognises how seriously he takes his duty of care to the human beings he chose to bring into this world, and is well known for gloating about how much her son doesn’t neglect his children to anyone who will listen.

In fact, Basso has even gone as far as incorporating his personal income into a ‘household budget’ to be managed by both he and his wife, with the purpose of providing food and shelter to his family – as well as all other costs associated with ‘parenthood’.

But not only does he help provide financial security to this family unit, he also plays a major role in the personal development of his own children.

Basso receives high praise for ‘taking his kids to the park’ to help them practice the sport that they enjoy playing.

He also helps support them emotionally.

His reputation as a ‘family man’ is well known amongst both friends and strangers, who applaud Basso for his commitment to the base level of fatherhood.

“Yeah, Basso. Good bloke. Real family man” said one mate, Kingy – who feels the need to highlight the major personality trait that is the fact Basso is not a neglectful or abusive father.

“Yeah he’s a great dad. That’s his whole life” says another mate, Debbie, who appears surprised that Basso doesn’t have a second life where he roots sex workers and does cocaine in dodgy hotel rooms.

“Proper family man”


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