In local sporting news, the Dev 4 Betoota Dolphins side have launched into pre-season today, getting together to break the first sweat and break into the first bowl of wedges for 2023.

A squad made up of local fitters and turners, and a few Kiwi fellas who have blown in for a few months of scaffolding work, the outfit is generally considered a weekend hobby for blokes that just want to blow off some steam on Saturdays and participate in some on-field biff that won’t land them in jail.

After a disappointing 2022 campaign which saw the team bow out in the Quarter Finals to the Quilpie Magpies, it’s understood the arrival of a new semi-pro Captain/Coach has inspired the team of local degenerates to take this season a little more seriously.

Hailing from the glistening central Queensland coast, former Mackay Cutters Prop Shane Galea has landed in Betoota thanks to lucrative contract with a fencing company and the promise of $300 match payments for every win, and $100 for every loss.

Speaking to the new coach of the reserve grade side that struggles to fill a full bench every weekend, Shane said it was important to start the year on the right foot.

“We’re keeping it simple for the first run, today is more of a ‘bonding session’ than actual training,” Shane told our sports reporter.

“We’ll do a lap of the oval, a round of sit ups and then we’ll walk up to the Railway to support our local sponsor.”

“Apparently the boys lost the Golf Club sponsorship last year after one of them took a dump in the 3rd bunker, so they’ve gotta pull their heads in.”

“But as the new coach it’s tradition for everyone to buy me a round so let’s see if I’m still standing up by midnight.”

More to come.


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