Local man, Jordan Javesa (36) is struggling to tell his wife, Angela, that the list of favourite baby names that she has chosen for their unborn daughter could easily be confused with a list of chicks he used to root.

“It’s really bad. I mean, she knows I used to get around before I met her. But this is another level,” he says.

“Literally every single name she has chosen belongs to a bird I rooted somewhere down the line”

While he’s not yet 100% certain if it will be a girl, his family doctor is saying all signs are pointing to yes. This is something that the media sales director from South Betoota is very concerned about.

“She’s really set on ‘Tegan’ – that’s probably the worst one as well. Tegan was the name of this inked up stripper I used to root on the Gold Coast”

“Every time Ange says that name I automatically flashback to 69ing in a dodgy motel room as a young fella. Imagine if that was my fucking daughter’s name!?”

“Don’t get me started on Hayley. I do not want my daughter sharing the same name as some chick I railed in a portaloo at Eagle Farm.”

While not wanting to cause any unwanted friction in an already very stressful time in the Javesa household. Jordan says he has one last saving grace to avoid having this conversation with his wife of two years.

“Yeah, I’ve never used the race card before… But if there ever was a time to use it… This is it”

As a second-generation Australian, Jordan plans on steering Angela towards traditional Fijian female names.

“She can’t really argue with that. She’s the one that took my last name.”

“I can probably get away with a Talei or Mana. I hope she can take the bait.”



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