The South Betoota Pharmacy is blatantly selling lollies and chocolates, it has been confirmed.

Aside from the vaguely justifiable glucose jelly beans aimed at helping diabetics stabilize, local pharmacist Sparky Kennedy has also placed ‘low sugar’ licorice, caramels and chocolates and gummie treats at the check-out.

“It’s all either sugar-free or low-sugar” he says.

“Sometimes a big smile is the best medicine. And the best way to bring about a smile in young children is giving into their tantrums during a visit to the chemist”

This marketing ploy has resulted in waves of stressed parents, with fluey children hanging off their hips, being pressured into purchasing the furthest thing from medicine during a visit.

Local mum, Anna Berry (34), says she doesn’t know how she managed to get talked into buying a packet of chocolate bullets and another bag of fruity chews, but it seemed like it couldn’t have been that irresponsible because it was sold to her by a trained medical professional.

“My youngest, Tiahnee, see the lollies on the counter and just went fucking apeshit”

“I had no option. Mr Kennedy said they should settle her stomach”



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