Lisa Hughes (37) reached dizzying heights of busy today, as the ambiguously titled Office Administrator ate lunch at her desk, something she hopes her co-workers will take notice of.

At approximately 12 pm today, Hughes was seen heating her lunch up in the office microwave, muttering to herself about all the things she has to do, before walking her lunch past the empty lunch table and eating it at her cubicle desk.

“No, it’s fine, what’s up?” stated Hughes as a co-worker who came to ask her a question noticed she was eating lunch.

“Didn’t even get time to heat it up all the way through.”

Following what pundits are calling the ‘desk lunch affair,’ Hughes went to the kitchen and loudly complained about the mess in the sink, before audibly cleaning it and explaining that she doesn’t have time to do it to every person who entered the kitchen during that period.

“Busy, busy. I’ve got to finish last month’s reports, authorise my bloody expenses and ask IT to send me a new keyboard because mine keeps getting jammed.”

A representative from IT has stated Hughes’s keyboards would not get jammed as often if she didn’t get food particles trapped in them.

“Just don’t eat lunch at your desk. It’s not as nice and you look like a loser,” stated the IT representative.

“And I work in IT, I know what a loser looks like.”


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