Despite a commanding win against the Republic of Korea this morning, Brazil’s footballers have faced some heavy criticism.

While everyone in Brazil doesn’t have a bad word to say about the team given it’s incredible recent form, plenty of non South-American citizens of the world have hit out at the teams ‘antics.’

The antics in question was some slick as fuck dancing from the Brazillian lads, who celebrated scoring in a World Cup elimination match with a bit of a boogie.

While many of the younger TikTok generation can appreciate the moves, those antics have riled up the old boy pundits who used to wear ill fitting clothes and refuse to show any emotion other than pent up anger.

“It’s just bloody disgraceful showboating,” said one middle-aged pundit who seemingly isn’t aware what Brazil is famous all over the world for.

“Who the hell do these players think they are,” continued the pundit in reference to the citizens of a nation that hosts Carnivale ever year and invented Samba.

“It’s just not on,” he finished, unable to really articulate why the footballers dancing is such a problem.

“I know their style of play is described as being like a dance routine, but actually dancing is just too much.”

More to come.


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