Employees at digital solutions company, Bean Bit, encountered the rarest of workplace experiences earlier this week; a meeting that had a purpose.

In a meeting of the five-person planning department, team leader Wally Nage (44) surprised the living shit out of his team by facilitating an agenda-driven meeting with a desirable outcome.

“Did my boss just have a meeting that was worthwhile?” asked team member Jules Stephens.

“Like, we just covered so much stuff. It was almost like we HAD to have a meeting. I don’t think we could have done that over email”

“Is he dying?”

Members of the planning department were also surprised to see they didn’t a typo-strewn wall of unintelligible text from their team leader following a meeting they may one day live to tell their grandchildren about.

“Has he joined a cult? I’m actually beginning to look forward to work. What the fuck is happening?” asked a 29-year-old team member.

Nage’s efforts have not gone unnoticed by Bean Bit manager staff who after an estimated five years of negotiations, will be able to present the efficient team leader with a congratulatory Gloria Jeans voucher.

“Has he had that spell done to him from Harry Potter where they’re being mind-controlled?”

While staff members have a variety of theories as to why their boss is performing with respect and proficiency, Nage himself offers a straightforward answer for his responsible use of company time.

“I’ve started drinking at work. Really keeps me on my toes.”


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