Albert Jensen has had just about enough of the Halloween rubbish this week.

The 65-year-old retired accountant from Betoota Grove hit out at the growing celebration of the American holiday of Halloween.

Jensen explained that he is fed up with all of this nonsense about a day we shouldn’t even be celebrating over here.

“The fact that I’m even here talking to you about it is a bloody joke,” he said.

“All kids do is watch American TV shows, play American games, and try and speak like Americans.”

Jensen then told The Advocate that he only supported following into America into four pointless wars because of regional and global stability.

“It was absolutely necessary that we sent our young men and women overseas to risk their lives fighting in conflicts that really had nothing whatsoever to do with us,” Jensen said.

“But we shouldn’t be following their lead blindly in regards to a random holiday that affects me in no way at all.”


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