A local bloke is very well aware that he has a melon much bigger than most of his mates.

Since young adulthood, Sam Perrington hasn’t been able to engage in friendly banter with anyone without the size of his noggin’ being brought up.

Because of this, the 32-year-old boilermaker from West Betoota, has not been able to engage in either a light-hearted or serious argument with his mates for as long as he can remember. He also isn’t allowed to wear other people’s new sunnies.

He says anytime it looks like he has the upper-hand in a battle of the minds – the size of his scone is brought up.

This comes as Sam found himself in a heated debate surrounding rugby league stats and records – a dangerous area to delve into when you have a head so big that your mates won’t let you try on their sunnies to see how they’d look at you.

In fact, with a noggin this size, Sam cannot win any argument.

“I’m telling you morons. Scotty Prince was the first footballer to play for all three Queensland clubs. Look it up” yelled Sam.

“Yeah whatever dickhead. You’re full of shit” says his mate, Brodie, while pulling out his phone to google the subject.

Silences takes ahold of the room as Brodie realises he is actually wrong.

“Yeah righto you big-headed cunt. Maybe that’s why you’ve got that basketball sitting on your shoulders. To keep useless shit like this inside it”

The entire room erupts as everyone forgets that Sam was actually correct and the attention turns to how big his head is.

The boys start chanting “Melon, melon, melon”


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