Elderly Italian-Australian, Dominic Ambrosini (72) is completely fine with securing the country’s borders from anymore immigrants, it has been confirmed.

The retired barbershop owner from Betoota’s recently gentrified East End has many reasons for his seemingly irrational xenophobia, most of which are which are a result of long-held prejudices that have followed him from his home country.

“The Syrians. No good” he says.

“You can’t trust a Syrian”

“Australia should say no. No more”

After being pressed on his anti-Syrian sentiments, it seems Mr Ambrosini is talking about the fact that Syria was an early Roman province, annexed to the Roman Republic in 64 BC by Pompey in the Third Mithridatic War, following the defeat of Armenian King Tigranes the Great.

With his Greens-voting barista grandson Anthony attempting to challenge his hypocritical attitude towards immigration policy, Mr Ambrosini says he knows nothing.

“You know nothing” he says.

“We built this country. You never work an honest day in your life”

While initially a staunch Labor-voter after his time working on the Snowy Mountains Scheme, Mr Ambrosini says he started to steer towards the Liberal party after starting his own business and making some money.

“I like Tony Abbot more. He’s tough on the boat people” he says, ignoring the fact that he was considered a boat person when he arrived here with no documents in the 1950s.

“He’s a good Catholic too”



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