Despite the fact he has been a committed skateboarder since 1999, local plumber Rick Garley (32) still hasn’t done any of the cool tricks that he first got him interested in the hobby, from the award-winning Playstation Game Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1.

After just under two decades of consistent skateboarding, Rick still hasn’t done a Switch Nollie 360 through two random panes of glass attached to the roof of an abandoned warehouse for no reason.

“I haven’t even done a melon grab” he says disappointingly.

“Or a Japan Air”

Rick Garley says that if, by chance, he was able to get free reign on a completely abandoned warehouse with fourteen vert timber ramps built throughout it, he might be able to get enough momentum to smash through the glass box on the roof.

“But I wouldn’t be able to spin through it. It’d have to be a No Comply”

“I still listen to the Dead Kennedys and Goldfinger, so ideally that would be blasting in the background while I fly through levitating secret tapes”



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