There’s been an escalation in the cold war plaguing one of the streets of Betoota’s French Quarter this week.

Residents of La Rue Des Branleurs Gentrifiée were witness to a rather loud vocal altercation yesterday evening, after one of the new residents in the area decided to re-invent the wheel.

Audrey Williams started the altercation yesterday after catching her neighbour park in ‘her spot.’

The owner of a 4 bedroom terrace house that’s had its parking turned into an extra garden bed, Audrey was furious about seeing her young neighbour park out the front of her house.

“Um excuse me honey, didn’t you see the traffic cone,” asked Audrey, who moved to the area from Betoota Grove a few months ago and has decided that she owns the street parking on the tightly congested thoroughfare.

With her younger neighbour struggling to maintain her composure, Audrey continued.

“We put the traffic cone there for a reason sweetheart.”

As her neighbour now rolled her eyes about the extremely entitled behaviour, Audrey pushed on.

“It’s very annoying when we can’t find a park out the front of our house, because we need to charge our car okay, because we actually care about the environment.”

The last line was reportedly the final straw with the young stressed out nurse who lives next door flipping.

“Buy a house with a car park next time you fucking idiot,” fired the tired young lady coming off the back of a double shift.

“I don’t give a fuck if you’d like that car park, it’s not yours and you don’t own it.”

“So politely, you can sit on that traffic cone, love,” she said, walking off and slamming her front door as Audrey was left with steaming coming out of her ears.

Much, much more to come.


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