The Free Peoples of the South Island have today come together for a historic meeting.

The Council of Hobart kicked off this morning, with different groups from all over the Island descending on the capital to discuss how to form a government.

This comes following Saturday’s state election in Tasmania, where it became evident that no party would be able to rule in the majority.

With vote counting set to continue for quite some time, the Tasmanian Liberal Party are currently at least four seats shy of a majority government.

Experts predict the Pro-Stadium party to finish with 15 out of the 35 seats, and the Anti-Stadium Party (Labor) to finish with 11-12 seats.

The election has been hailed as another huge wins for the Greens and Jacqui Lambie.

The Greens are predicted to nab as many as 6 seats, with Jacqui likely to get at least 2.

All in all, the Tasmanian parliament now looks set for quite the ride over the next couple of years – with quite an eclectic mix of elected representatives meeting in Hobart to try and figure out who gets to rule and how.

Lord Rockliff of the Liberal Party will get first chance of trying to form an allegiance with the other people of the South Island – something which looks a little unlikely on face value.

“Just like the elves and dwarves of Middle Earth, the Liberals and the Greens don’t get along very well,” said one political sage from the Apple Aisle.

“But, who knows, maybe it will be one of those unlikely friendships that blossoms and benefits all around them.”

“I think both sides are far too proud though.”

“It might come down to Jacqui and the other random independents.”

“Hopefully someone is willing to take the Housing Crisis to Mordor.”

“That’s all we can hope.”

Initial discussions are yet to be made public, but on insider has confirmed that the Labor Party are patiently waiting for the more populous Liberal Party to stumble in their negotiations.

More to come.


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