The fabled Tasmanian JackJumpers have today begun their slow but steady march towards an NBL title.

The JackJumpers team are famous for being made up of sentient humanoid tree like beings that stand at nearly 4 metres tall, who generally mind their own business unless being attacked by outside forces.

They are the National Basketball League’s newest but oldest team, and have now been sprung into action after being attacked by the Melbourne Kings last night.

Making a second finals series in 3 years, the JackJumpers got off to as poor a start as possible, getting wiped by the Kings in Game 1 of the best of 5.

Normally ones to stay out of quarrels and mind their own business inside the confines of Tasmania’s Fangorn Forest, the JackJumpers have now decided to go to war following the aggression of the Melbournians.

“We Ents normally weather such storms,” said the JackJumpers captain Treebeard Steindl.

“But, they come with fire, they come with axes… gnawing, biting, breaking, hacking, burning! Destroyers and usurpers, curse them!”

“The Melbournians should know better than to attack us like this.”

“We march now. The Ents are going to war. The last march of the Ents.”

The march will see the JackJumpers meet the Kings face to face this Friday in Game 2 of the series.

More to come.


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