A local Sydney man is today savouring a night to remember.

Campbell Towns, a resident of the nation’s shittest city has today spoken to The Advocate about the once in a life time experience that was watching his national team play in the semi-final of a major tournament.

“It was incredible,” sighed the glassy eyed Towns this morning.

“The atmosphere was electric.”

“Obviously not the result we wanted, but the Tillies gave it a red hot crack.”

“And look, obviously it’s heartbreaking to lose a big game like that, but we made it to the semi-finals of a World Cup in a sport played by the entire world.”

“That’s an incredible achievement, and something we’ll remember forever.”

“The atmosphere after that long range missile from Sam was like nothing I’ve ever seen before.”

“Then the atmosphere after leaving the stadium was something I’ve seen plenty of times before,” he sighed.

Towns’ comments come in regards to the stereotypical public transport gridlock following the match, with tens of thousands of people left stranded for hours waiting to get home.

“It was fucked,” explained Towns.

“As usual.”

“How fucking hard is it to have trains pulling up on each platform every couple of minutes.”

“They knew there was 100,000 out there with a sell out Tillies game and a Luke Combs concert”

“And yet, once again, they have issues with the trains.”

“This city is a disgrace.”

Sydney Trains took to social media to claim that the delays were running as a result of ‘vandalism.’

“Lol” said Towns.

“Anyway, fuck Sydney’s public transport.”

“But let’s not let it gloss over the fact our team made it to the Semi-Finals.”

“And a 3rd place finish at a World Cup is still up for grabs.”

“Till It’s Done.”


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