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Sydney woman, Clover O’Farrell (42), is still wearing her Sun-Herald City2Surf bib despite the fact that she crossed the finish line over 24 hours ago.

The City2Surf is a popular road running event held annually in Sydney, Australia covering a 14 kilometres course. The event is a presented as a fundraiser for charity as well as a race, attracting both competitive runners and community participants who can choose to run or to walk.

The event attracts more than 80,000 entrants who start in staggered groups based on previous running times and early entry.

One of the most identifiable things about entrants is that they often spend as long as possible in their City2Surf outfits upon completion. With cafes and pubs across Sydney peppered with active-wear and body odour until at least 6pm (lock-out) each year.

As one of the tens of thousands of entrants in the iconic Sydney fun-run, Mrs O’Farrell wants you to know that she not only is the type of person who can easily abstain from alcohol for an entire weekend, but also that she is easily fit enough to complete a the 14 kilometre course from the CBD Hyde Park all the way to Bondi Beach.

She has done this by wearing her City2Surf bib for three days straight.

Co-worker Ben Thompson says he can’t wait until every one of the forty-four people in Mrs O’Farrell’s office become aware that she helped raise money for sick kids on the weekend – he believes that her incessant social media activity, non-stop references to ‘how sore’ she is and poor post-marathon personal hygeine will remain an issue until they do.

“We get it” he says.

“She wore running gear to work for three months in the lead up… I don’t know how much preparation you need for a 14 kilometre run, but she made it very clear that she was getting ready for it,”

However, Thompson says he can’t really criticise the account director’s behaviour – stating that she’s just one of many people trying to find a way to have fun in Australia’s most populated city which is currently lacking a nightlife due lock-out laws imposed by an evangelical Christian state Government.

“I can’t really talk – I drank eight bottles of red wine and did a couple class A’s at home and watched the Sydney Swans highlights”

“I guess that in 2017 Sydney, running non-stop for 14 kilometres is about as much fun as you can have in our city streets”






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