Local baby boomer, Berrick Daley (64) says that he votes for whichever major party is toughest on asylum seekers.

“We can talk about gay marriage and climate change all we want… But everyone is forgetting the bigger picture. We don’t have the infrastructure to house all the boat people that keep coming here for a free ride,” says Mr Daley, who negatively gears four empty investment properties that could house up to 25 people.

Mr Daley believes that Australia is very much ‘full’ and that he, as a 3rd generation Australian, has no obligation to the persecuted men, women and children who risk their lives to travel to our 7.692 million km² country of 20 million people on a leaky boat in tropical weather.

“They are just bludgers mate. They just want to live off our hard work,”

Mr Daley is also convinced that majority of the war-weary asylum seekers who are found dehydrated and exhausted at sea are ‘economic migrants’ who don’t enjoy catching aeroplanes.

“Mate, these people smugglers are making a fortune sneaking them in the back door,” he insists, while working around his company worksite, which hires up to six Irish concrete professionals with expired visas.

“There was too much talk about the economy in this election. I want to know who’s going to be the toughest on securing our borders,”


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