The Flight Path District played scene to a drunken argument between friends earlier this week that made up in decibels what it lacked in substance.

Witness reports are varied but the drunken conversation is believed to be about veganism, Australia Day and Coles Minis with some sources stating Israel Falou may have been in the mix at some point as well.

As everyone piled on to give their session beer powered opinions, it eventually became clear that group member Oliver Povic felt much more comfortable remaining silent and gazing intensely into oblivion while the argument raged around him.

“We were just getting into some serious discussion about legalising pingas to treat PTSD and Ollie is just staring at the wall like a window has opened up into another universe filled entirely with emptiness,” stated drunken arguer Kim Trenton.

“Later we were arguing about child sex dolls for paedophiles and Ollie still managed to be the creepy one. Just looking. At nothing.”

According to witness reports, Povic was unsuccessfully ushered into the conversation several times but found himself to be much more at home looking through the fabric of the world into a realm where discourse was conducted with respect and temperance. 

When Povic did finally speak it was to ask if anyone wanted to share an Uber with him, hammering in the final nail in the coffin of disagreements between friends that would surely be exhumed the next time they binge drink together.

Speaking exclusively with The Advocate Povic did provide his opinion on the many drunken arguments his friends had while he wished the alcohol would leave his body and take part of his soul with it.

“They are all stupid cunts.”


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