A la-di-da local woman has raised eyebrows this evening, after dismissing her boyfriend’s attempts to sort out dinner.

After a hectic start to the week for young Ashley Thomson and her nesting partner Andrew Wiley, the pair decided to opt against cooking on a cold Tuesday night.

With winter starting to bite in the Channel Country and the sun setting before both of them managed to leave their respective workplaces, the young moderately in love couple made the joint decision to treat themselves.

This came after Ashley informed Andrew that she ‘couldn’t be fucked cooking tonight’ – a sentiment that was quickly echoed back by her boyfriend.

“Yeah, me either tbh,” said Andrew, sensing the perfect time to pretend like he’s happy to take on the responsibility of sorting out dinner.

“I’ll pick something up for us on the way home,” he said, trying to slide his desire for a filthy feed through to the keeper.

Ashley, sensing immediately where her BF was going, quickly intervened to ensure she wasn’t served up a large blob of cheese, dough and stuff that is labelled as ‘meat.’

“We are not doing pizza Drew,” she laughed, always a step ahead of her impulse driven boyfriend.

Frustrated by the lack of comprise on the recurring issue, Andrew tried to plead the savings benefits of getting cheap Tuesday pizzas.

“Babe, it’s so cheap, and you can have left overs for lunch too,” said Andrew, seeming thinking that leftover meatlovers with cheesy crust is the choice of lunch for his partner.

Nipping the issue in the bud, Ashley informed Andrew that she was ordering from the Thai joint down the road and it would be available for pick up on his way home.

“You can get some springies okay.”

“And a can of coke if you want.”

A sulky Andrew then begrudgingly agreed, despite failing to wedge some chicken skewers in there too.

More to come.


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