After facing a barrage of calls over the last 12 hours to ground their fleet of 737’s, Qantas have finally caved.

Following reports of cracks in a crucial part of the wing structure on two of their Boeing 737’s, the airline had been under extreme pressure to ground the planes.

While they were standing strong against the requests by the public that they ground the fleet and carry out inspections and maintenance, the revelation of a third, shocking crack has finally brought the airline back down to earth.

The image which emerged a short time ago details a sickening crack within a Qantas aircraft.

“As you can probably gather, we are as shocked and appalled by the third crack, as the general public,” said Qantas CEO Alan Joyce.

“We have made the decision to ground all of our planes to carry out the work needed to require they are up to the safety standards.”

“As much as it kills me to take a loss in profits, it’s a decision we have to make so we don’t lose even more profits in down the track.”


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