Just months after the Federal and Queensland governments pushed through laws to arrest the extinction rebellion activists that were shutting down the CBD, an area of bushland the size of Lebanon has been destroyed by fires in New South Wales.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison, now more commonly known as ‘Scotty From Marketing’ has been criticised for not acknowledging the seriousness of the situation – and instead spend the last week repealing medevac laws and forcing redundancies on public servants working in the arts and environmental impact.

Just over a month ago, Morrison warned the media that a new breed of ‘radical activism’ was on the march, “apocalyptic in tone, brooks no compromise, all or nothing, alternative views not permitted – a dogma that pits cities against regional Australia, one that cannot resist sneering at wealth creating and job creating industries, and the livelihoods particularly of regional Australians including here in Queensland”.

However, with the Eastern Seaboard covered in smoke so thick that pedestrians cannot see more than 10 metres in front of them, the apocalyptic tone appears to be quite relevant in hindsight.

Today New South Wales is facing a potentially “lethal” cocktail of bushfire conditions, with smoke pollution set to smother Sydney and temperatures to soar past 40C.

It is for this reason the Scotty From Marketing has had today finally met with the media to discuss something not related to airport security or the New Zealand volcano.

It’s time to address the people.

It’s time to acknowledge what’s happening in this country”

“Hmm hmm” cough Scotty, before beginning his speech.

“I just want to say…”

The journalists, most hired by NewsLimited – an organisation so committed to the Coalition government that they have descended into simply not reporting the fires – stand still in front the Prime Minister. Waiting on his captain’s call.

“I just wanna say these bloody unions are out of control” he continued, taking a completely different route.

“We believe that union thugs should not go on to building sites and threaten people or in any area of the workplace. They are far worse than the bankers”

“The Greenies aren’t much better. They banned us from back burning”

Even the reporters from The Quiet Australian appeared confused by his extreme and rapid subject changing. That was before he pivoted once more, completing the holy trinity of outrage politics.

“Don’t get me started on the Muslims”

“If you’re an imam or a leader in one of those communities, you need to know who those people are in your community that might be doing ISIS shit” the Prime Minister said.


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