Foreign Minister Penny Wong has today ticked off a big piece of policy, ensuring that all the key details of the Prime Minister’s Bux are locked in.

With the Opposition kicking up a stink about Former Labor Prime Minister Paul Keating meeting with the Chinese Foreign Minister, Penny has decided to focus on the things that matter.

“Paul was on the board of the Chinese Development bank until 2019,” laughed Penny this morning.

“Him cozying up to Chinese figures isn’t exactly a new, sensational development.”

“So, rather than get caught up in that shit, I’ve locked in the key details for Albo’s Bucks,” explained Penny, who was appointed as trip organiser and has run with the responsibility.

“Grand Final weekend. Bali. Locked in.”

“It’s the perfect weekend because all the media’s obsessed with the footy, and we can all sneak off for a bender.”

“It will actually be a good look if we disappear, because they won’t be able to hit him with ‘He shouldn’t be at the footy, he should be doing his job.'”

Wong said that most of the group have been pretty easy to work with, but some of the boys have been a bit of a nusicance.

“Fucking Kevin is not keen on Bali at all. And you know how he can be when he doesn’t like what the people in charge are doing.”

“Him and Tony Burke keep asking about the entertainment too…”

“I’m just worried about some little snitch getting their phone out. Will have to make sure everyone’s phones are in a sandwich bag somewhere.”

“Anyway, should be a belter.”

“Nick Cave keeps talking about how he’s going to break Albo, which does also scare me a little.”

“But, that’s the way it goes.”

More to come.


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