Despite the fact that Australians have flooded social media with their photos of last night’s astronomical supermoon, a report has found that most of them would have had less fun than someone who ingested an ecstasy tablet of the same name.

Last night, the full moon was 14 per cent bigger and 30 per cent brighter than normal due to the fact that it is 30,000 kilometres closer to earth than usual, or some shit.

Incredible shots from around the country show it rising over Brisbane and the Sydney Opera House. Others have captured the moon in all its glory in major cities from New York to Hong Kong and Beijing.

However, a CSIRO report has found that the variation of ecstacy also known as a ‘supermoon’ is much more fun. In fact, it’s the best way to see outer space.

Professor Shane Berrigan says that most people would find a giant photo of the moon ‘kind of fun’ but cutting shapes to electronic dance music while on ‘uppers’ would be better.

“We aren’t saying the two are mutually conclusive. I’m sure there were a few people out there that enjoyed both types of supermoon at the same time”

“But, individually, I would say that the bikie-grade ecstacy tablet is much more fun. As a rule”

“Nature and shit seems kind of fun but you tend to get bored of it pretty quickly. Pingers last a lot longer”


  1. Jeez, nice manicure on the person holding that ‘not-as-good-as-a-late-sixties-‘tab’-of-Green-Toad-Blotter’ crescent moon embossed solid unit dosage form of the medicament 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine.
    In Australia, is the crescent moon on your Supermoon’ tablets, waxing or waning?


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