A recent report into Western Australia’s public transport system has found that if you think you can racially abuse a 63-year-old in public without facing immediate repercussions, well gorn then.

This comes after Aussie TV legend and proud Yamatji actor Ernie Dingo had to do what a man’s gotta do at Perth’s Central Station yesterday morning.

Dingo, who appeared in 1980s blockbuster film Crocodile Dundee II and the iconic television series The Great Outdoors, Redfern Now and Mystery Road – is alleged to have ‘whacked’ a racist during a peak hour morning commute in the WA capital yesterday.

Dingo said the man had been staring at him prior to the incident, before he called Dingo by an offensive and pejorative term referring to Aboriginal people.

Rednecks have been quick to defend the racist at the centre of this hiding, and questioning whether he deserved to get cracked by unc.

However, with the back drop of the Black Lives Matter protests – the incident at Perth Central has only validated the last month of protests around Australia that aimed to highlight the everyday discrimination faced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community

Australia must now confront that our nation’s engrained culture of systemic and casual racism has gotten to the point where one of the most famous Aboriginal screen actors can be racially vilified in a public place.

A Public Transport Authority spokesperson said CCTV vision would not be released, and that they would not be referring it to police.

“We would advise a complainant to formally report an incident to WA Police if they wished to pursue it further.” said the statement.

WA Police said on Tuesday afternoon they had not received any complaints relating to the train station incident.

Ernie Dingo was approached for comment, but was too busy helping restart the WA economy by showing Australian TV audiences some of the state’s most picturesque tourism hotspots.


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