A local Pop has revealed he’s seeing the world in a new light today.

The 73-year-old retired fitter and turner from Betoota Grove Ambrose Coorey is walking around with a real spring in his step, after making it past lunch without being told his entire existence is under threat.

The positive spin on life from the old boy comes nearly 24 hours after he last saw some fear-mongering boomer bait on Sky News’ Facebook page.

Sky News, like countless other news sites around the country including the esteemed Rural Fire Service and Blue Mountains Cultural Centre, has been taken off the social media platform as a result of Facebook trying to flex on our media and politicians.

One of the most shared Australian news publishers on Facebook, Sky News has infiltrated the brains of hundreds of thousands of post-war Australians with a neo-fascist anti-science agenda.

And its disappearance off Facebook means local old codger Ambrose Coorey is experiencing the first day since he can remember, where he hasn’t felt like his culture is being infiltrated by dole bludging Islamic terrorist transsexuals.

“Fella, as a retired husband, father, and grandfather with 2 investment properties and a large block on the edge of town, I’ve actually been thinking today – that my life is pretty good,” he said to our reporter.

Ambrose says he actually feels kind of bad for the people fleeing war-torn countries in an effort to have a relatively safe and secure way of life.

“And I’m beginning to think that maybe Climate Change isn’t some left-wing brainwashing exercise to try and force our younger generations further under the control of our elitist inner-city overlords.”

“On top of that, I just kinda feel thankful and happy,” he sighed.

“It’s weird.”

It’s not known if his happiness will continue, or it will disappear tonight after his nightly After Dark viewing.


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