The nation’s voice of reason is today grappling with another frustrating political curveball.

Pauline Hanson, the woman who says what ‘everyone’s thinking’ but only 5% of people vote for, has today had to boot another deadshit from a position in her party.

Speaking to media today, the leader of One Nation confirmed that she has kicked Mark Latham out as boss of the NSW arm of her party.

Latham will still remain in the party, but won’t be the leader in NSW.

Mark Latham, the former federal Opposition Leader and man who was one fucked handshake away from being Prime Minister, has claimed that he wasn’t consulted by Hanson and the move didn’t go through due process.

Well known for being an efficiently run party that dots its t’s and crosses its i’s, Hanson is believed to have dumped Latham as leader as a result of his tweets about Sydney MP Alex Greenwich.

The tweets which have resulted in legal action, have finally had some political ramifications for Latham, who has seemingly thought his persona was bullet proof.

The tough stance on this particular issue has raised eyebrows in some circles, who are curious about what particular things Pauline and her team draw the line on.

The sacking has also come as a reminder that Pauline is yet to realise that founding a political party based on discrimination, hatred and bigotry doesn’t actually attract the best calibre of people for public life.

It’s unknown if this new stance on poor behaviour will lead to a new enlightened Pauline, or whether it’s just homophobic behaviour she has a problem with.

More to come.


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